NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 25: A Drone Elegy

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 25: A Drone Elegy

In Prepartion for the Drone Jam, to Merge it with the #NaPoGenMo #NaPoWRiMO #napowrimoxayaskala, Where the @ayaskala prompt for 25

" Elegy is a kind of poem typically written as a lament for the dead. Use the form to honour something/someone (they may be alive still)."

For this we will take , a Drone day performance from last year and write an OuterSpace Elegy to it.

A Drone Elegy

The sounds that are made
Are related to the path you laid
The path of the journey 
A Journey that was interplanetary

It was a long ride
But the time inside
Was beyond a vibe
Beyond any emotion
That can written in these mere lines
As the time in space , brought upon an ocean
Both physically
And mentally
It was beyond a time
That should just reside inside
Hope those around knew
Cause most definitely it was felt
Within the markings of our crew
The pace in the space
Was far beyond the notion
That was required for that phase
As it lit up, each and every one of our faces
And now it just seems , it wasn't just another bunch of places
And words can’t describe these feelings that were unspoken