NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 18: VillanelleOnTheMoon

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 18: VillanelleOnTheMoon

Another Kinetic Poem via P5js

#NaPoGenMo #NaPoWRiMO #napowrimoxayaskala Video with Spoken Word and Process of: Using @ayaskala day 18 prompt :

Villanelle Poem

Using a p5js script to make it Kinetic and mimicking how objects tend to fly in space as moon has lower pull of gravity



Villanelle on the Moon

What can be seen on the Moon?
Are we thinking it will be simple or complex?
Will we still be eating lunch at Noon

Do we think we can start living there soon?
What will change, our concepts of success?
Will four corners still be the staple of our rooms on the Moon?

Will the physics be similar to those in cartoons,
When we spill drinks, will it leave a mess?
Pressing issues that may ruin the groove for Noon

Will the sun ruin our vision with its hues?
Does heat add to the stressors that add stress?
Can we differentiate the notion of what is false and true on the moon?

How will politics decide what to choose
Which fuse to make sure betterment is a yes,
Where we can shake off our stress to stay loose for our meal at noon

Maybe on our planet, we have left clues
Clues that fused to suppress the mess
The mess that may feel like you have to lose on the moon
Avoidance of that but for now, I need time to snooze for noon