NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 11 : SimilesWithConstraints

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 11 : SimilesWithConstraints

Add a little python, add a little Javascript to the Mix

#NaPoGenMo #NaPoWRiMO ##napowrimoxayaskala Using @ayaskala Prompt #11: A bag full of similes

For Today Entries, I will be using the Rite In Rolls P5js script I have alongside the Python script that was a generative haiku maker for the Haiku prompt to make similes that are random


Poem 1

Haiku influence:

WHITE with Copper WORMS
cooking, painting, and rolling
enjoying their time

Topics : Present and Forest

Starting letters for the lines were X, A, E, Q, Y

Xaviers wanders the forest like copper worms
Actions as if he was cooking to the pace of the storms
Eating as if his tongue was painting while chewing
Queuing the roll of his tongue as enjoyment on a roller coaster
You may think of it as white clouds engaging with a toaster
Being like clueless like a dodo flew in

Poem 2

Haiku Influence

GREY with Orange BIRDS
eating, chanting, and shutting
enjoying their time

Topics: Sports and Past

Starting letters for the lines were : F,M,N,W,B & P

Fumbling like the running backs in the prehistoric times
Martial arts as hard as a singer chants
Nothing will be shutting down like an ever going server
Working out like eating at a dinner while ordering past the time of the closing sign
Battling the upward winds like birds that fly with orange wings
Practicing as if time stop as if the greyness of the clouds could sing

Forcing the movements as a truck that wont stop
Mixing in knowledge of the past as a diver that won't flop
Nixing part of the routine like a photoshop image that has been cropped
Whimsical ideas as bright as the orange bird feathers
Baffle at the results like the ever changing weather
Predetermined  thoughts don't exist as if there was any meaning to the limits