Napowrimo - National Poetry Writing Month - Day one

Napowrimo - National Poetry Writing Month - Day one

With a Generative/Procedural/Coded Touch

Daily Poetry Challenge ( for the month of May.

As similar to the Nanogenmo Challenge (, I will be incorporating coded elements throughout

Prompt by Team Ayaskala : Love without using the Word Love

For Today Entries, I will be using to Generate a visual component to the poetry today while also avoiding the usage of the word : Love

Code Snippets can be found at

Poem Below

"have you ever wondered what the soul may say? what interactions it may have wished for? where the drive it contains , may come into play? apparently there have been times , where it is brittle at the core? brittle for some more? where it doesn't feel as calming, really similar to being subdue but yet it emerges beyond the boundaries of set room of set hue where the joy it speaks mimics the flow of this poetry that you are seeing, and hearing hearing and believing as the fragments are leading we went from a blueish hue to a bright yellow vibe bright yellow sign could it be that this is what you are looking for? what you were looking for , before? looking for in those moments when your soul was subdue? subdue, soul or should I refer it as a spirit that is looking for summon that is beyond fun, beyond done beyond feeling like the previous fragments as it tries to gain closer to the one or the object that it was to be close to, in its increments no need for money as it just wants you it wants the fun and the joy with a limit of the brittleness that has affected it spirit"