Directions To NoWhere : Defragmented Trails

Directions To NoWhere : Defragmented Trails

A Throwback to May 2021

With a new month in May, I decided to post a throwback to a project that was created last month with the team at Project Bentway & From Later :

Directions to NoWhere

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*"Directions to Nowhere in Particular is a game of chance that alters the ways you sense, make, and navigate public space. Anyone can play. Simply go outside, pick a random prompt, and follow the directions for interacting with your surroundings. Perhaps you’ll feel something new or create something special that you’ll want to share.

As part of the Digital and/as Public Space Initiative, this project explores how people and places relate through software. It proposes ways of playing that might test and transform our conceptions of a public — directing our (mis)use of everyday digital tools to produce new socio-poetic moment."*

For this Project, I decided to have a "Webseries" called

Directions To NoWhere" Defragmented Trails

My #DirectionStoNowhere project was a unique experience as quarantine meant more solo and indoor projects, this was my first outdoor project in a while. So I decided to add elements of creative coding(mainly in the livecoding subset) to produce audiovisuals and then either poetry or performance art to fill the scope of the prompt. The unique factor for me was letting things like grass, birds, rain and what not be elements that weren't conceived pre or post project but used in real time. From using accessories such as but not limited to a heart rate monitor, sound recorder, trip and battle ropes to give another dimension to the experience. I decided that I will try to add glitch elements and distortion to play with the idea of how the merger of the physical and digital can lead to a parallel/alternative universe.

Video Playlist of Directions To NoWhere: Defragmented Trails