Colorscape - Rubberband Series - Part 1

Colorscape - Rubberband Series - Part 1

Mixing Code with Colors, Rubber Bands and Pins

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After Debuting another aspect of the Colorscape World at Flourish Festival, I decided to continue this notion of Colorscape relics being made with Push Pins & Rubber Bands.

Using Colors of both, the pins and Rubber Bands to depict symbols, words and meanings.

With a mix of generated code snippets to give directions(Python for this section), pseudocode and constructed languages, an array of relics were created.

Example of One Code Snippet to Generate a Result

LEFT Medium ShortDiagonal BROWN
EXTERIOR PurplePurplePinSwitchYELLOW
LEFT Right Neutral Exterior SHORT
SINGLE Short YellowYellow Brown LONGLONG

Below you will find some of the creations that were made and in later blog posts, we will be diving in more into this section of Colorscape

What Images do you See in the Photos Below?

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