SciArtSeptember Day1: Planetary Glitched - A distant Planet Surviving (Zenthian)

Planetary Glitched - A distant Planet Surviving

The first day of SciArtSeptember, the theme was Survivor. I decided to use a combination of GlitchLab to altered a coded piece of art thru LiveCodeLab

The image represents a distant planet that is trying to survive as its northern/southern hempishere is the only part of this celestial body that is still illuminated. While the rest of the planet has been entered in a stage of eternal darkness.

Name of Planet is Zenthian and below describes the scenario

The survival of this celestial body is shown
Shown through the illuminated zones
Zones that provide the remaining energy
For the inhabitants to proceed
Proceed to breathe
Proceed to dream
Proceed to get the ounces of life flowing free
Flowing free to a stream
But they know the colours may fade
The sky may turn dark
Provided little to no spark
Where this celestial entity may no longer aid
Where will this planet roam ?
Where will the inhabitants go?
These are the questions that are forming
But it has yet to be determined, what is informing?