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Celestial Shadows & Reflections

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·Sep 9, 2022·

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Celestial Shadows & Reflections

This SciArtSeptember theme is Mirrored. I decided to use a combination of GlitchLab to altered a coded piece of art thru LiveCodeLab

In a previous post, the images represented a distant planet that is trying to survive as its northern/southern hempishere is the only part of this celestial body that is still illuminated. While the rest of the planet has been entered in a stage of eternal darkness.

This time, we can see how the survival is going by taking a look at it's celestial shadows

Name of Planet is Zenthian and below describes the scenario

Celestial Shadows
as they roam
as they glow
as they flow
to shine
to the rhythm of time
as they illuminate
to let the negativity escape
even though the shadows roam
the inner core remains to glow
remains to be
remains to be a presence
on the intergalactic scene
as this is a gift, its own present


image3A93826_Glitch_remake.png image3A93826_Glitch4.jpg image3A93826_Glitch_remake2.png


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