It Goes In A Loop

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For the first prompt of SciArtSeptember2023 of Starry, I created "Stars&Glows" which takes Hydra & SonicPi Code to make a timelapse of the stars and sky in an alternative realm of Zenthian. The sketch had effects added to emphasize the different starfields that are possible in Zenthian.

This is the Starry Rebirth for the 30th prompt of "Rebirth"


The Stars they wiggle
Even hiding a smile
As they join in the giggles
For their paths aren’t wild
As they care
For the flair
The styles that each one of them rather not bare
Or even compare
For they each their own
Clustered together in this zone
Knowing that they are not alone
In shining the light
Shining it bright to their delights