The Mist Continues to Engulf


For the 21st prompt of SciArtSeptember2023: Misty, We see the “AquaGlowingRipples” [] be engulfed with mist. Which then becomes “MistyGlowingRipples

#Hydra @hydravideosynth & #SonicPi Code remixed to showcase the potential climate in Zenthian with misty effects


Calming Waters
Letting the mind wander
Currents in the river
Pushing the soul to what matters
Rain droplets reflecting how the mind ponders
Splashing through as the thoughts deliver
Delivery to commence as we become givers
Givers of our interactions
Givers of our reactions
Givers of how we engage with our extractions

For in a quick gist
it becomes engulfed in mist
where vision is strayed
and the textures relayed
a different meaning
to this feeling
that is beaming
past its ceiling