Annelids have Arrived Again


For the Third prompt of SciArtSeptember2023: "Favorite", I took a previously made LiveCodeLab sketch on Annelids and gave them a Zenthian update.

Annelids refer to species such as earthworms and leeches. And these are the variants that are possible in the Zenthian ecosystem.

Link to the previous code and images:


What if We can build Organisms
Through the  strides of time
Through the virtue of lines
But represented in cos and sine
That merges
That blends
The different areas that mends
Adding modulo
To see how the different angles
May roll
May be control
Through the lens of digi annelids
As they squirm
As they wiggle
Wiggle and dangle
From different viewpoints
Where the modulo controls the joints
As they may be like squids, snails or worms

The Annelids