NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo 2024 - Day 4

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo 2024 - Day 4

Time for Twine


For the fourth day of NaPoWriMo/NaPoGenMo 2024, "PoeticRambling" is coded as a layered ramble in Twine. With an interactive fiction approach to a ramble that happens to rhyme

Code/Design Process

Poems Within

The Mind Flows
The River Glows
Which word makes you want to Go?

Is It the Color [[Red]]
is it the taste of [[Bread]]
Or the rhythm that is sown by [[Thread]]s
Or the movements that is swayyed by shaking [[Heads]]
Woven into the space
but chosen by the pace
as it has a place to be open
with vastness comparable to the ocean
Spoken by the chosen phase

Do you now want to see the color [[Red]]
or you still tempted by the taste of[[Bread]]
or by the antics of talking [[Heads]]

Or has a new path [[Emerge]]
or has old paths decide to [[Diverge]]
Is it aerial views or those that have [[Submerge]]
[[Bread]] is from Wheat, what color does it have to be?
Is a Spider [[Thread]] really white?
Is the concept of being [[Submerge]], making you see tide?
Do the strides of the green grass, make you rethink of the [[Parts]]
Finally getting the energy by eating
Filling out the senses controlled by the [[Heads]] as it is completing
The path to the voyage
As if the moment to [[Submerge]] is part of the drainag
Are you wanting to go back to the [[Start]]?
[[Emerge]] Through the different [[Parts]]?
Finally trying to taste [[Bread]], Feel the Color [[Red]]
[[Submerge]] to the layer that fills the atmosphere of your [[Heads]]
By entering the level that you thought you would [[Emerge]]
You may have to first, [[Submerge]]
Take a breath and reflect
On what are your true Intents
The Center
Do you want to see the [[Parts]]
Or do you want to recommence with the [[Start]]
Beyond the [[Red]] [[Thread]] that acts as fate
Or the pieces of [[Bread]] that are left on the plate
This is why, this is considered the Center
Before we depart, and recommence at the [[Start]]
Think about this story
Think about this journey
Any regrets?
Any hurries or worries?
Any time to reflect?
To [[Diverge]] 
To [[Emerge]]
What is it you desire?
What is it that lits your internal fire?
Do you have thoughts that hav had prior?
Is this Brand New, like a new Attire?
Do you want to [[Diverge]] into a new [[Start]]
With a New Spark?