NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo 2024 - Day 11:  Rhyme Schemes Again

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo 2024 - Day 11: Rhyme Schemes Again

More Generative Rhyme Schemes


For the 11th day of NaPoWriMo/NaPoGenMo 2024, I decided to remake the rhyme scheme generator for a shorter poem, coded in Python.

Rhyme Schemes



Indigo in the background
Blending in with the Coral
The palette is needed turquoise to blend in the floral
With a hint of maroon
Filling in with the tension in the oven
As if there is a need for a baker’s dozen
With a group that is more than the plural
As definitions are sometimes informal

Nothing can be considered Normal
Under the Sun
Entering a portal
That goes round and round
Like bites from a muffin
That left crumbs in the room
Rather than crumbs, it is a morsel
But definitions are sometimes informal


#This is a rhyme scheme generator

#importing the random & string libraries
import random as rd
import string as st

#getting new arrrays of alphabet (one lower case & one upper case)
letters_1 = 'abcd'
letters_2 = 'dbca'

def rhymescheme2():

    #getting the amount of random letters to be chosen
    rand_letters = rd.choices(letters_1,k=4)
    rand_letters2 = rd.choices(letters_2,k=4)

    #syncing the uppercase and lowercase string of letters
    rand_words = rand_letters + rand_letters2

    #setting shuffles of the the same  in 3s
    rand_duo = ''.join(rd.sample(rand_words,len(rand_words))) + ' ' + ''.join(rd.sample(rand_words,len(rand_words)))

    # 6 versions of the same word per line and then another list of 5