NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo 2024 - Day 10:  Rhyme Schemes

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo 2024 - Day 10: Rhyme Schemes

Rhyme Scheme Generator


For the 10th day of NaPoWriMo/NaPoGenMo 2024, I had made a python script to generate write rhyme schmes to then follow.

Rhyme Schemes




And Easing
While Angling
Thinking of the ways
That will make thoughts better
As the thoughts are handling
Requiring a level to teach
Handling as it aims
Trying to proclaim


But it requires some mangling
At the same time, some pleasing
Extra channeling
As these feelings
Increases their stays
As if they are controlling the weather
Inducing change per days
Sometimes not good for the beach
While the tides are handling
the feelings of the cielings


More dangling
More easing
More angling
as if it changing season
as a sunny day on the beach
to past time through the days


for our internal pleasing
as that is what our mind pays
Attention to, even if challenging


#This is a rhyme scheme generator

#importing the random & string libraries
import random as rd
import string as st

#getting new arrrays of alphabet (one lower case & one upper case)
letters_1 = 'abcde'
letters_2 = 'abcde'

def rhymescheme():

    #getting the amount of random letters to be chosen
    rand_letters = rd.choices(letters_1,k=2)
    rand_letters2 = rd.choices(letters_2,k=2)

    #syncing the uppercase and lowercase string of letters
    rand_words = rand_letters + rand_letters2

    #setting shuffles of the the same  in 3s
    rand_trio = ''.join(rd.sample(rand_words,len(rand_words))) + ' '+ ''.join(rd.sample(rand_words,len(rand_words))) + ' '+ ''.join(rd.sample(rand_words,len(rand_words)))

    # 6 versions of the same word per line and then another list of 5
    print(rand_trio + rand_trio)