NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 20 : CurryGoatWithButterNutSquash

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 20 : CurryGoatWithButterNutSquash

Anthropomorphizing Food from the Colorscape Realm

#NaPoGenMo #NaPoWRiMO Video with Spoken Word and Process of: Using @napowrimo2022 day 20 prompt of anthropomorphizing food

Having multiple coded works and poems based on Food and the transformation of Food as can be seen in


Excerpt Below

“Dip in Code takes the concept of Hearing Colour, Seeing Sound while allowing the audience the pleasure of tasting colors and seeing taste while hearing it at the same time. Dip in Code: Kitchen of Hues, takes colors that happen to be named after food. To give an audiovisual experience that crosses over to an immersive culinary setting/Dining Experience as well. Every track isn’t a single color like its predecessor but will be named after meals that are also names of Colours. The soundtrack of each meal is Coded and visualized to make sure the meal is represented well. Enjoy that colorful byte.

Dip In Code takes Narrative Design, Mathematical Fiction, Data Analyzation, Data Visualization, Livecoding, Data Sonification, Creative Coding and merges them within themselves and other mediums to produce an experience that stems from the premise of everything being linked. It Is an interesting component of the Colorscape Universe with its own building and evolution grounded in the numbers it holds.”

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Sound playing in the background coded by Sonic by way of a Python Aided CSV


Poem : Curry Goat with ButterNutSquash

As the goat thinks about how it will be
how the transformation shall feel
It is not in a hurry
To be transformed with Curry
Not in a hurry to be with squash
As it feels its being will be squished
Without even having the chance to flinch
Why is this even a food combo
The goat was looking around for a convo
Is this meal
Supposed to heal
Does it contain properties that make the mouth feel
Like it is to another level
But what was concerning
Was not the dish discerning
It was if it can keep up the legacy
Of being shown off
Being shown off was tough
It had a legacy as the other goats were legendary
It was customary
To win the pageant for the colorscape
To show all that this dish that is underrated
Is one for the best shape
Winning year after year
But this year, this goat had fears
Had fears that even when it communicated
With the squash and the curry
They said the goat was too much of a worry
And it apologizes, saying it's sorry
And went on
To be summon
But this is another aspect to the story