NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 15 : WhileOnTheTrain

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 15 : WhileOnTheTrain

Observations on the Train

#NaPoGenMo #NaPoWRiMO ##napowrimoxayaskala Using @ayaskala Prompt #15: Taking the Day13 Prompt : While On The Train

For Today Entries, I will be inky from the inkle studio, to make a branch narrative/ interactive based poem. That explores the feeling of what may go through the thoughts of a rider on the Train

Interactive Poem :



**Full Poem - Inky Code**

While Taking the train

 * I was looking around space.
 Wondering what will be the flow

 -> Metro

 * it was rush hour, so a different type of pace

-> RushHour

-> END

 === Metro===
Wondering what will be the flow
Getting on the Metro
How many Nintendo Switches will be played
Seeing the randoms
Get their fair share today
What will they summon?
which way will the station go?

* the way the air flows

*the way the aura glows

-> END

 === RushHour===
It is being Packed
All over the place
Human bodies being stacked
Standing room only
Seats are taken, fully

* Next Stop, your stop?
-> NextStop

* Or you have more desinations on your clock
-> StlllTime

-> END

=== NextStop ===
The sights of people yelling
Decibel levels swelling
Luckily, I am off the next stop
Wondering what is next in this plot

-> END

=== StlllTime ===
The clock dont stop
As this trip still continues
Running on its fuels
OR maybe it is electric
The way it makes us reach our destination
Going from station to station
WOndering where it be next, the Pivot?
All these people looking at thier Phones
As the train continues to roam
Is there even a Limit

-> END

=== flow ===

As time seems to be a bit slow
The Travel seems to have a hold
Mix of hot air and cold
Striking up Convo
With a previous friend,
Feels like Good
Reflecting back to the many stories told
From these seats themselves
Makes you wonder, how life divides it steps

-> END

=== glow ===

The seats being filled
Row after Row
Intersections of People being still
where the aspects of life
Are seen in microdoses
As those standing up , maintain their Poses
Hopes and Dreams are being Pondered
As the time on the train
Can make you think about Losses and Pain
And the next steps that may make you Glide

-> END