NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 14 : MessageTothePast

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo Prompt Day 14 : MessageTothePast

The Past can contain Turbulences

#NaPoGenMo #NaPoWRiMO ##napowrimoxayaskala Using @ayaskala

Prompt #15: Bring me back. Write a poem for a version of yourself from the past that you wish to bring back.

Used a P5js code snippet to replicate the feeling of tension that we experience from our past selves to present selves back to past selves

Kinetic Poem via P5js :


Message to The Past

'Looking back at what I became 
The strains that lead into gains
The stress of wanting to have success 
While suppressing the effects of the stress 
As I wanted to engaged in these gigantic steps 

Wondering Why this has to be 
Is that what I have always dream?
Probably not
Would I describe myself as presently free? 
It is almost similar to me Describing whats hot 
Just decided to write to the past 
Letting me know that it gets better, wetter 
Doesnt matter the weather 
As nothing is compact to the letter, it just scatters 
Breathing , freedom &  reason 
All concepts to keep on believing and dreaming