NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo - National Poetry Writing Month - Day Three Prompt : Lost Friendship

NaPoWriMo x NaPoGenMo - National Poetry Writing Month - Day Three Prompt : Lost Friendship

Introduction to NapoGenMo: RiteInRolls & Colorscape

#NaPoGenMo #NaPoWRiMO ##napowrimoxayaskala Using @ayaskala day 3 prompt: Lost Friendship Using RiteInRolls, #processing based tool to direct the constraints of the poetry

Colorscape: Hues into Grooves is being played in the background to provide an additional tale to the story - Colorscape Music. Which was coded with SonicPi

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Poem 1

Rite In Rolls Rules

Start with

z X N C H J F L

Topics to Mention were Music, School and Sports


We were friends in school

when the two of us were together

in the outer space portion of life

it couldnt get no better

we didnt care for rules

we didnt care as the room

succumbed to our hues

our glows

our words

even if they were absurd

they were the verbs used

the actions that fuse

Zoey still asks what happened to us?

Xavier notices that while we were a great duo

no mistake on how we lacked trust

companionship, confidence and other features

hungry to break the rules but that led to rust

jotting down these words made me realize that as creatures

forgetting who or even what is a fragment of lust

lust of breaking rules

wanted to be as free as the music

sprinting beyond life as if we were doing athletics

Poem Number 2

RIte in Rolls Rules

Lines start with


Topics to be mentioned : Music & Sports


Hovering our Minds

hesitating on the moment we meet again

jockeying over this aspect of life as it blends

the elements of our past that is still in stride

questioning if it was the right decision

which anchored our current directions

Honing in our presence was one of the kind

Hovering as the javelins were being thrown

Jittering as our backcountry skiing was being film by drones

Telling each other our favorite song during these activities

Quizzing each other on the lyrics

Wondering if our friendship will end

Just like music