Mathobers of the Past


For the 26th Prompt Of Mathober: Correspondence, We are taking the prompt from Mathober 2021: Solid as well as the prompt from Mathober 2020: Wave to code this piece. In LiveCodelab

Correspondence Process

“A correspondence between two sets A and B is any subset R of the Cartesian product A×B. In other words, a correspondence between A and B consists of certain ordered pairs (a,b), where a∈A and b∈B.” -

By Taking two previous sets of Mathober Prompts, and having one element from each, this can be counted as a correspondence.

Solid is represented by the 3D figures and waves in the Code


From Solids to Waves
Waves to a Solid
On the Graph they are Plotted
Plotted as they Look to Behave
Beyond the Restrictions
Beyond the Equations


LiveCodeLab Code

background white

rotate Math.hypot(Math.tan(time % 10), time % 3 + 1), cos(time),sin(time)

box wave(0.003), Math.cbrt(wave(time % 6)), sin(time)
ball Math.cbrt(wave(time % 6)),wave(0.003),  tan(time)
peg wave(0.003), cos(time),Math.cbrt(wave(time % 6))