Twine Exploration

What Number Are You Eating?

For the Game Jam, "Eat The Rich" :,

I decided to make a game that the term Rich would be represented by numbers. Similar to what I did for the 18th day of NaPoGenMo/NaPoWriMo 2024, Where "Numerical Intentions" is coded in p5js and uses numbers in various bases to alter the poem:

This time, I decided to do something similar but in Twine. "What Number Are You Eating" follows a cyclical poetic journey that has the user feed their hunger by what number they believe can currently satisfy them. The true value of the number is only determined after the user chooses the richness of what they desire to consume. After this occurs, poetic prompts are introduced to impact what the user may "eat" next.

Design Flow

Chosen & Potential Words

rich base-36 = 1283489 base-10
wealthy base-36 = 70521375382 base-10
poor base-36 = 1198395 base-10
basic base-30 = 9205752 base-10
extravagant base-34 = 30958172342372947 base-10
negligible base-30 = 462260079856544 base-10
petite base-30 = 619640084 base-10
limitless base-30 = 14188259470468 base-10
plentiful base-32 = 28225180352469 base-10
merciful base-36 = 1756140165309 base-10
small base-32 = 30091957 base-10
large base-28 = 13148926 base-10
money base-35 = 34071449 base-10
ethical base-35 = 27285150571 base-10
unethical base-35 = 69063350697446 base-10
exploitation base-35 = 1444739525009985038 base-10
care base-31 = 367953 base-10
love base-34 = 854196 base-10