2022-05-12: DroneJam Sample

2022-05-12: DroneJam Sample

For Drone Jam(itch.io/jam/drone), I wanted to Dronify the Human experience and incorporate the 5+ senses within prompts and scenarios. There will be multiple versions of this experience to fully flesh out the idea.

The instructions for the portion below is coded with P5js(editor.p5js.org)

Choose between one or all four of the prompts below

If you are done or want to move on, you can mouse click to see the next shuffle.

*- The text in Red is the prompt

  • While the text in Blue is the situation, you find yourself in
  • The number associated with vocal/instrument/movement range is there to give an optional feeling to the Dronification , you are performing in any way the number resonates to your performance

The motion seen by the text is to represent the sustain movement that is associated with drones. *