Poetry into Code

Vocalizing Sensations

Design Process

For the MinaCoding Prompt of Writing on Paper before the Editor, I will be coding a poem that I have written before in Inverse(https://inverse.website/) named : VocalizingSensations.

I chose Inverse for this prompt because the poem is the code while livecoding in It. The words come to life by having the poem alter the visuals as each line is typed. To make this efficient and more customized, I will be making the words featured in the poem, and keywords within the Inverse syntax. This can be considered a "Mini-language"


Poem/Inverse Code

Vocalize your sensations
As they are the string that keeps moving
With how your heartbeat is in deep grooving
As it drums along to your foundation
As the movement of the week
Has brought you to many life stations
Inhale and exhale
As we are in pursuit
In whatever life has put in your faces
Cashing in on what we believe
Rooted in what we seek

In the manifestations
That we decide to speak
May the journey make us bloom
As the fruits that have entered as we grew
That the nectar and it sweetness
Give us something to cherish while we are gloom
May the seeds from the fruits
bring us growth from the depths of our roots
As your heartbeats, what attributes
Or rather which attributes
Are you setting loose and diffuse,
As the day runs loose?

WordTable & Equation of the Poem

WordTable/Syntax for the Coding language

Equation of Poem